Smartcare has a simple belief: less time with computers means more time with children. More time with children means a better future for our country.

Smartcare launched to improve the lives of childcare providers nationwide and offers providers and childcare center owners the tools they need to make their job easier and more efficient. We are devoted to solving the biggest challenges childcare providers face and empower them to do their job better. We are committed to providing you with a smarter, better childcare management software to help your business and your team run at its best.

The Smartcare team is comprised of professionals with a variety of backgrounds. We can proudly say we have worked in a number of industries to bring you the best of all worlds. We have a superior tech team that is leading the child care industry with innovation and design, and are proud to offer our system to you and your team.

Meet Our Team

Matt Knapp, CEO

James Armijo, COO

Trevor Hewitt, Executive Vice President

LJ Kyser, Chief Technical Officer

Lance Weaver, VP – Sales

Matt Thomas, VP – Strategic Accounts

Anna Leichter, Director of Shared Services

Crystal Tillmann, Manager, Customer Success

Nicci Troiani, Manager, Customer Success

Matt Bommicino, Software Architect

Michelle Hjorth, CPA, VP of Finance | Controller

Esraa Malha, Operations Manager

Alyssa Ackerman, Utilization & Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Michelle Lackey, Enterprise Sales Engineer

Lora Hardin, Regional Software Consultant

Mike Mazur, Product Manager

Nasser Hedjazi, Regional Software Consultant

Alison Knapp, Customer Success Manager

Jessica Amaris, Customer Success Manager

Patricia Kessler, Manager, Customer Success

Whitney Bach, Customer Success Manager

Kimberly O’Gorman, Customer Success Manager

Bruce Marshall, Director of Support

Mark David Gonzaga, Product Analyst

Alex Arthur Heard-Williams, Technical Support Analyst

Daniel Plascencia, Technical Support Analyst

Laurie Cier, Technical Support Analyst

Jason O’Berry, Support Specialist

Britney Blakely,Technical Support Analyst

Lynn Wenger, Customer Success Manager

Cheri Howell, Administrative Assistant

Teresa Sutton-Selbicky, Administrative Sales Assistant

Loredana Bandila, Data Entry Operator

Lazar Sidor, Development & Support

Dana Abrudan, QA Engineer

Reka Dobra, Software Engineer

Ovidiu Todoran, Development & Support

Zoltan Kertesz, Development Operations

Daniel Gorgan, Backend Developer

Andrei Filimon, Senior NET Developer

Adrian Saracila, Senior BI Developer


Defining our culture and who we are as people.

Ask It!

Our litmus test is always asking what’s the right thing to do, because it’s the right thing to do.

Enjoy It!

We want to do big things and have fun while we do it. We are grateful and positive. We believe that laughter and passion are contagious.

Win It!

We want to break records and achieve unprecedented results. We are committed to blazing new trails.

Own It!

Our results are a reflection of who we are. We take pride in our work and own the outcome of everything we do.