Smartcare has a simple belief: less time with computers means more time with children. More time with children means a better future for our country.

Smartcare launched to improve the lives of childcare providers nationwide and offers providers and childcare center owners the tools they need to make their job easier and more efficient. We are devoted to solving the biggest challenges childcare providers face and empower them to do their job better. We are committed to provide you with a smarter, better childcare management software to help your business and your team run at its best.

The Smartcare team is comprised of professionals with a variety of backgrounds. We can proudly say we have worked in a number of industries to bring you the best of all worlds. We have a superior tech team that is leading the child care industry with innovation and design, and are proud to offer our system to you and your team.

Matt Knapp, CEO
James Armijo, COO
Trevor Hewitt, Executive Vice President

Matt rose through the ranks as a top producing sales rep. In his 20+ career in FinTech & EdTech, Matt has personally met with thousands of schools and tens of thousands of parents. Known for delivering significant revenue and transformative growth, Matt most enjoys the missional role his organizations play in providing accessibility in education. As CEO, Matt led the sale and transition of his most recent company, Smart Tuition to Blackbaud, BLKB.

I officially joined Smartcare in the summer of 2017, but I was around for some of the initial hires in late 2013 and early 2014 as CEO of Smart Tuition.
I have a hard time saying no to my family, so we are chock full of animals here at home. We have horses and a koi pond and everything in between.
I love to learn, travel and spend time with my family. I read over 50 books a year and will tell stories to anyone who will listen. Laughing is my most favorite activity.
I’m a lot more interested in the pursuit of wisdom. If wise, your definition of success is probably close to the mark.

James is an integral part of the SmartCare team as he leads product development, customer success, and finance, all while working closely with the executive team to develop the company’s strategy. Before SmartCare, James served as COO at PatientPop, as VP of Sales and Services at Kareo, and as Senior Director of Business Operations at 8×8. In his various roles, James has led organizations from product launch to more than $80 million in receivables; raised more than $200 million in financing; managed teams of more than 900 people; and achieved successful exits. James lives in Las Vegas with his wife and their two dogs. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and endurance sports.

I joined Smartcare April 2016. I’m proud that I’ve hired Esraa Malha twice! In addition to that, I have 2 dogs who, like me, are avid runners and like to eat a lot. I enjoy cooking and just about any type of sport, although I’m mostly interested in triathlons. When time permits, I like traveling to just about anywhere, although my favorite places are those that were the sites of major historical events. Success is Setting a goal and achieving it without causing anyone else to lose in the process.

Trevor is SmartCare’s Executive Vice President and is directly responsible for all customer success and support efforts. He has extensive previous experience in technology operations and hospitality ownership, which make him a great fit for the team. He is driven to help all childcare directors maximize their business operations via the SmartCare system and creates training and support initiatives for successful outcomes. Trevor has a business degree from University of Michigan and a master’s degree in hospitality from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

I started my journey with Smartcare on December 1st, 2014. I have one daughter, Maddox Paige Hewitt, born 1/19/17. Bear and Foxy, our fur babies. For fun, I like to travel, play tennis, and watch college football. My Favorite holiday is Halloween. Success is living a life of personal and professional integrity no matter the circumstances.

LJ Kyser, Chief Technical Officer
Lance Weaver, Director of Sales
Matt Thomas, Vice President/ Strategic Accounts
I joined Smartcare OS in 10/2013.
I have three kids, a dog, and two birds.
For fun, I like to travel with my family, read, be outdoors, and code.
Christmas is my favorite holiday, nothing beats the magic of it, especially with children. Favorite adventures: anything in the water and sunrises/sunsets on islands.
Success to me is creating a great quality of life for my family while doing what I love in business; living in a way that minimizes regrets when it’s all said and done; and living with gratitude every day.

Lance is responsible for managing SmartCare’s direct sales and marketing efforts and truly believes that all childcare centers can benefit from the platform. He has more than two decades of experience in sales, sales management and project management, including multiple large scale implementations of Oracle and SAP management systems. Lance has garnered knowledge and experience working for Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and Johnson & Johnson, and brings priceless know-how to the SmartCare team. Lance holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in business management from Southern Oregon University.

I joined the Smartcare team in March of 2016. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and are the parents of 6 amazing children ranging from age 5 to 17 (5 boys and 1 girl). Our lives revolve around our children’s sporting events, but I take advantage of every game and meet that I can. We live on a 50 acre ranch with horses and cows. We consider ourselves very blessed. Success to me is defined as the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Matt joined the SmartCare team in mid-2017 as Vice President of Strategic Accounts, and manages enterprise sales, partnerships and integrations. He has more than 25 years of financial services software/technology experience, and most recently enjoyed the role as the Executive Vice President at Smart Tuition. Prior to that, he spent seven years at Intuit in multiple roles, including business development, client management, partner/alliance management, and sales management, which earned him fantastic experience with relationship management. Before spending time with Intuit, he spent three years at SAP building out their financial services practice in one of the world’s largest partner ecosystems. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from The Ohio State University.

I Started at Smartcare in July 2017. Always had a passion for early childhood education. I’m a Proverbs 22:6 guy – “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Enjoy playing golf and traveling with my family on our History of America trips – RV to Grand Canyon, hiking National Parks from Sequoia National Forest to Yellowstone, the Badlands, the Beehive Basin to Acadia National Park, as well as touring California, DC, NYC, Jamestown/Yorktown/Williamsburg, Mt. Rushmore, Gettysburg, Plymouth Rock/Boston, Monument of our Forefathers. I reside in Acworth, GA with my wife of 21 years, Stacy. I have 3 children, Madison, Ethan, and Eli. I am a local board member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a Deacon at Cedarcrest Church.

Matt Bommicino, Software Architect
Esraa Malha, Operations Manager
Collette Hull, Account Executive – Sales & Marketing
I joined Smartcare as part of the Personalized Software acquisition. I joined Personalized Software in 2012. In my spare time, I enjoy creating Halloween costumes inspired by 1980s electronic devices. Success to me is : the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and having a positive impact on child care from both the employee and parent perspectives.
I joined the Smartcare family early October of 2017. Fun fact about me, I have at least one cousin in five different continents. I love traveling internationally, swimming/ snorkeling and any activities that involves the beach. When I have “me” time, I like to go biking, meditating or making jewelry. Success to me is living contently with oneself and others.
I joined Smartcare February 2016. I have a beautiful family that gives me the perfect balance of love & chaos. Hanging out with my family, going to see live music shows, dancing/singing, watch Sci-Fi /horror movies, reading, and evaluating popular advertising campaigns I love Halloween (because I love Horror movies) / visiting World Wonders, Ancient Ruins and places of historical significance, and collecting passport stamps while learning about new cultures or local lifestyles. For me, success cannot be absolutely defined. However, with age, I’ve allowed my personal and professional goals to ebb and flow – I can celebrate more success by attaining my short term goals and increasing those goals/adding new goals for myself to focus on. Therefore, I am successful. And in the years to come, I will be successful.
Jason Wittler, Product Manager
Jason O’berry
Chris Luz, Software Consultant
I have been working for Smartcare since January 5, 2015.
I have a 13 year old daughter, 3 dogs and 3 cats.
For fun I like to spend time with my family, travel, take part in shooting competitions. I also like locally going rafting, fishing and hiking. Favorite vacation spot is Maui. To me success is doing everything you can to become the best you can possibly be.
My son Jonas is the thing I am most proud of in this world, some of my favorite activities include; Jiu Jitsu,Woodworking, playing music and playing with my son.And finally, the way I define success is, the ability to find happiness in what you do.
I have two kids that I am very proud of, my son Dillon and my daughter, Sierra.For fun I like to watch baseball, vacation with family, volunteer in my community.Success to me is raising great kids, contributing to my community, doing well at my profession and striving to lead a Christ centered life.
Wendy King, Executive Sales Consultant
Pattie Shomaker, Manager | Customer Success
Crystal Tillmann, Manager | Customer Success
I’ve been with the Smartcare family since February of 2016. I’m happy to say I’ve raised two children that grown into wonderful caring, responsible adults. The adults they are today are two of my best accomplishments and made me a proud parent. My dog Gator is the best he listens to me and loves me for who I am. For fun, I like to travel and camp. Finally, getting up everyday and putting my best foot forward is how I see success.
I started with Smartcare June of 2015. I have 3 great kids. My oldest is 21 she just graduated beauty school. My middle child is 15 and she plays competitive softball. My youngest is 13 and he is on the local swim team. I love hanging out with my friends, listening to live music, and dancing. My favorite Holiday is Christmas. I love to see my kids light up every Christmas morning. My family’s favorite adventure is Disneyland. We love to go. Success to me means, being able to achieve my goals, finding happiness in my surroundings, and looking ahead to a bright future.
I joined Smartcare February 2017.
I’m a proud mom to four very active kids. We’re always active, between football, track , band, cheer, and various other activities we are always on the go.
For fun, I like to travel, read, and enjoy my family and friends.
Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. It’s a laid back, friends and family holiday that just lets you enjoy. No gifts to buy, summertime food, BBQ, etc I think Henry Ford’s quote sums up the meaning of success to me perfectly: “To do more for the world than the world does for you- that is success.” ~Henry Ford
Mark Hoops, Strategic Sales Executive
Ovidiu Todoran, Development & Support
Reka Dobra, Software Engineer
I joined SmartCare in October, 2017.
Im proud to have been married to my wonderful wife for 20 years and we have 2 teenage boys. I like to officiate baseball and basketball.
We enjoy camping with our friends when the weather permits.
I enjoy watching college football and umpired minor league baseball for 6 years.
I have been with the Smartcare family since January 1st, 2016.
I’m proud of having my son to be part of my life.
I like to spend as much time is possible with my family, to play with my boy.
Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I like walking on the mountains.
Success is very subjective if we discuss about life. Success means to have a happy life.
April 2016 is when I joined Smartcare. I have two kittens: Luci, she is naughty, but very clever and the other one is quite and devoted, her name is Moha.
I’m part of the specialty coffee community , I love experimenting with coffee , meeting “coffee people” and sharing knowledge. I like to travel and to do things that challenge my creativity. Success means doing the best we can.
Catalin Prata, Android Developer
Dana Abrudan, QA Engineer
Lazar Sidor, Development & Support
I have been with Smartcare since 2014. I’m a proud mom of my son George (one year old). I like Tinkering, watching movies and playing video games when I have some time to myself. Christmas is my favorite holiday. And success to me is when one has a great rate of achieving his goals by going the whole journey and not through shortcuts.
Hi, my name is Dana Abrudan and I joined Smartcare in August 2015 as a QA Engineer. My hobbies include yoga, latin dances and baking. The perfect adventures are traveling to new places every year and learning about different cultures and cuisines. For me, success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
I joined Smartcare in July of 2014.
I’m a proud father of a little girl (Adela-Maria, 1year and 8 months old).
I’m passionate about Technology and Software Programming in general. I like watching movies and reading novels and/or tech books or articles (Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship related).
Christmas and Easter are my favourite holidays because of the cultural traditions and time spent with my entire family & friends.
Success means to achieve the goal of finding your unique life balance.
Loredana Bandila, Data Entry Operator
Travis Proctor, Customer Success Manager
Joseph Oliver, Child Care Software Consultant
I joined Smartcare in April 2016.
I like to watch movies, go shopping or go to the beach with my friends I believe success is that moment when your goals are achieved.
I Joined Smartcare December, 2017 I have two dogs. A Japanese Chin and a Puggle.
For fun I like to play golf, CrossFit and work with my wife on our clothing business My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Food and football all day!
-To me Success is all about continuing to improve yourself. You can always find ways to make yourself better at your job or as a spouse or anything you do. To be successful is continually strive to be the best version of yourself you can.
I joined Smartcare in December of 2016. I have a dog named Beau who specializes in playing ball and eating things that he shouldn’t. I’m a fan of the active outdoor lifestyle and traveling. My favorite holiday is Independence Day because BBQs and Will Smith. “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden
Andrei Filimon, Senior NET Developer
Daniel Gorgan, Backend Developer
Zoltan Kertesz, Development Operations
Bio Coming Soon
I joined Smartcare in the beginning of April 2014. I like to travel a lot. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. Success is all about creating real value.
I joined the Smartcare family two years ago.
Some of my favorite activities include, embedded/uC/IoT/home automation projects, biking/trail running. My favorite holiday would be just about any Holiday, gives me more more time for activities and hobbies. This is how I define success = ( code_for(several_days) && (compile_errors == NULL) && (count_of(segfault) == 0) && (return_code == 0) );
Tina Russell, Support Administrator/Staff Accountant
Teri Selbicky, Application Specialist
Adrian Saracila, Senior BI Developer
I have 5 kids that I am very proud of. For fun I like to spend time with my family, read & play pool.I define success as being able to take care of my family and seeing them happy.
I am proud of my husband, Neil Selbicky.Licensed Oregon fly fishing guide and commercial fly-tyer. He is my hero and inspiration. He is an excellent chef, he helped me become a darn good flyfisher.Besides fishing I knit my own designs. I read every minute I am not doing something else. I love to walk and ride my bike. Success is,Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. In other words, Happiness.
I joined Smartcare as recently as October 2017.
I have one son, Mihai-Adrian. He’s 19 months old.
I like to listen music /reading and, recently, inventing games for my toddler.
My favorite time of the year is summer; the adventure I’d like to take is a cruise someday in Australia. In my opinion success is when the people around you are happy seeing you.
Caleb Bloom, Technical Support
Toni Gabriele, Account Manager
Bruce Marshall, Director of Support
I started my role at Smartcare in May of 2017. I have an 8 year old stepson and two cats. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, traveling, cooking and trying new wines and craft beers.
Success for me is being able to provide a comfortable life for my family and the ability to spend as much time with them as possible.
I joined Smartcare late 2017. I have been lucky enough to work in Account Management for the past 10 years. I feel that you can never take too many road trips, or share too many laughs. Success to me is making someone’s hard day better. Smiles are priceless.
I joined Smartcare in November of 2017. I have been blessed with a great wife, two daughters, and two grandchildren- that I am very proud of. We also have two dogs, a Bassett and Rottweiler. I love spending time with family and riding motorcycles. My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas because of time spent with family.
There are a number of adventures I would love to take, but I would love to take the family across the midwest in a motorhome-with my motorcycle in tow . Success To be in a position that is both personally and financially rewarding, which allows me the ability to help/support my family and friends providing them the opportunity to achieve success as they themselves define it.
Kurt Strong, Childcare Software Consultant
Lora Hardin, Sales Executive
Dianna Glick, Product Education Manager
I started with the company early October of 2002. I have three awesome children, Jacob 30, Kaitlyn 26 and Lacey 24.
For fun I like to read, work online, watch sports and play golf. Success to me is helping client achieve their goals. When your abundant in every facet of your life.
I joined Smartcare early January of 2018. I have four teenagers, two boys and two girls, I like to watch sports with my family. I love to travel, anywhere!
Finally, defining success in my opinion is “The wisdom to pursue worthy goals and the discipline and drive to accomplish them in order to live a life that matters.”
I raised two magnificent children who are now in their early twenties, and I am immensely proud of them. Both of my children are unique individuals, with musical and literary talent, and both are deeply committed human and animal rights activists.
All my ‘free’ time these days is taken up with finishing my classes and thesis for an Innovation and Leadership degree at SOU. I am very pleased to say that in June of 2018 I will graduate with this multidisciplinary degree in business, psychology, communications, and digital media. I also have a small practice as a homeopathic practitioner.
Any spare moments are spent combing the farmers markets, studying Italian, painting, writing, and meditating. Success is honoring your truth in all of your endeavors, and using your gifts and talents to serve your own evolution as well as the health and wellbeing of the planet.
Patrick Lange, Vice President of Service of PerSoft
Christina Clauson, Operations Manager
Cheri Howell, Payment Processing Supervisor
I have two kids I’m extremely proud of, Harlie & Ryder. For fun, I like to hang out with family oh and play pinball. One word can define success for me, “Happiness”.
I have two grown children of whom I am extremely proud. I am a foodie so I enjoy cooking when I have time. I also enjoy hiking, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. I define success as continually working to create balance between relationships, physical being, spiritual alignment, mental development, work, and finances.
I joined the Smartcare team at the very end of July 2017. I live with my sweet little cat in a townhouse that I adore! Living independently and being able to support myself was one of my first life goals, and is now one of my proudest personal achievements to date.
In my free time, I love to do anything outdoors and be active. I have been blessed with a couple of great circles of friends with whom I love to seek out adventures! I love to cook, travel, and live for anything to do with music!
I define success as true happiness; it is completely subjective, cannot be determined or defined outside of the individual, and is the ideal balance between recognizable achievements and the quality of life we create for ourselves outside of the workplace. Success is being proud of where I have been, grateful for what I have, and hopeful for where I am going!

Defining our culture and who we are as people.

Ask It!

Our litmus test is always asking what’s the right thing to do, because it’s the right thing to do.

Enjoy It!

We want to do big things and have fun while we do it. We are grateful and positive. We believe that laughter and passion are contagious.

Win It!

We want to break records and achieve unprecedented results. We are committed to blazing new trails.

Own It!

Our results are a reflection of who we are. We take pride in our work and own the outcome of everything we do.