About Smartcare

At Smartcare, we provide the best child care center management software for better communication between school staff and families.


Smartcare strives to be the leading technology platform that solves the challenges daycare, childcare, preschool and afterschool programs across the country face, freeing directors and teachers to do what they do best: build the next generation and delight parents.

Outcomes for centers that partner with Smartcare:

  • Efficient management of school/center resources
  • Improved parental communication and engagement
  • Enhanced school/center safety and security
  • Easy billing and acceptance of payments
  • Prospective family inquiry management and tracking
  • Staff development and career pride
  • Increased time interacting with students
  • School/center financial stability and sustainability
  • Positive reputation in community


Smartcare was founded in 2014.  At that time, it was clear that demand for preschool and childcare was growing and that parents’ preferences were changing.  To solve the first challenge – increasing demand – Smartcare realized that software could help automate recurring but otherwise time-consuming tasks like managing attendance, billing and collecting payments.  To solve the second challenge – parents’ changing preferences – Smartcare realized that technology would help childcare providers give parents meaningful updates about their children and improve security.  Finally, at the core of all childcare is great teachers.  Smartcare realized that by freeing directors’ time by automating tasks, and by delivering a digitally native experience to parents, directors and teachers would have more time to focus on care and education for children as well as career development for teachers.

With that vision in mind, Smartcare began its journey to build easy-to-use software and mobile apps to reach those objectives.  The company raised its first round of financing – a $9.6 million Series A – to fund product development and initial go-to-market efforts.

In 2016, Smartcare acquired Childcare Manager, one of the most respected brands in the childcare management software industry.  Through the acquisition, Smartcare gained team members with invaluable experience and a customer base with years of proven success.  Bolstered by the growth of Childcare Manager, Smartcare continued its growth by marketing its solution nationwide and by partnering with shared service alliances to make Smartcare’s solution available to childcare providers across the country. 

In 2018, Smartcare raised a second round of financing – a $10 million Series B along with a venture debt facility – to expand go-to-market initiatives.

In 2019, Smartcare acquired Preschool2Me, a leading provider of lesson planning, curriculum and assessments as well as afterschool care solutions.  The addition of Preschool2Me’s feature set allowed Smartcare to move even closer to its vision as the all-inclusive operating software for childcare providers.

Smartcare continues to expand the childcare centers it serves with about 2,000 locations in all 50 states.  The company’s executive, product and technology teams are headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah and the company’s customer success and operations team are at the company’s original Las Vegas, Nevada office.  Those teams are paired with sales and customer success team members spread across the country to better serve our clients.  We strive to be the leading technology platform that solves the challenges daycare, childcare, preschool and afterschool programs across the country face, freeing directors and teachers to do what they do best: build the next generation and delight parents.


Smartcare Team


James Armijo

James Armijo

President and CEO

LJ Kyser

LJ Kyser

Chief Technology Officer

Trevor Hewitt

Trevor Hewitt

Executive Vice President

Lance Weaver

Lance Weaver

Vice President of Sales

Michelle Hjorth, CPA

Michelle Hjorth, CPA

Vice President of Finance

Kapil Rajurkar

Kapil Rajurkar

Chief Product Officer

Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall

Director of Support

Nicci Troiani

Nicci Troiani

Director of Operations


Our Smartcare team includes experienced individuals with backgrounds in software, business, and education.  All of us are dedicated to early learning centers with the goal of making life easier for center owners, directors, and staff.  We currently have over 50 employees working on our mission of making childcare centers more effective by providing the tools and training necessary to build financially stable and operationally sustainable childcare centers for the good of America’s youngest learners. 

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