Key Benefits To Using A Child Care Management Software Program

Key Benefits To Using A Child Care Management Software Program

Why Child Care Center Software Is Important For Your Business

Most children today spend half of their young life in and out of child care services due to this economy requiring a double household income. Almost one-quarter (23.4%) of these children are under the age of five and will spend eight to ten hours daily with other adults and kids outside of their family. This includes day care centers, nurseries, and preschools just so their parents can provide not only for their household, but be able to afford the best child care services available to them.

How can we better protect and educate our children for their parents? By providing them with the easiest and safest child care center software program to reassure their children’s success and protection. On a daily basis, the child care center’s staff are continuously gathering information from parent signatures to infant feeds. One major benefit to using a child care management system software program is slicing away all the time-consuming tasks along with the paper to pen wastes.

By consolidating all of the various binders, whiteboards, and cubbies, you are centralizing and automating the daycare centers daily charting into one location; one file specific for each individual child. This will not only make it easier to keep track of what each child’s daily routine is, but you will be able to provide a printout for the parents if they ask. You will also begin to notice a few other benefits to the child care administration software once you implement the new technology.

Using upgraded child care management software programs doesn’t come without its challenges but making things easier for your staff members will always make things easier for you. By improving their workflow will give them more time to focus on the children instead of continuously filling out forms and making copies for their files. Having a child care center software program will allow your staff to be more productive, happier, and reduce employee turnover.

Additionally, a good preschool software program will allow the parents to engage by using an app to communicate with staff and allows them to stay informed of their child’s day. With the growth in technology over the past two decades, there is an app for everything! What better way to provide comfort, security, success, and reprieve for not only our parents but our staff as well.

Parents Demand Enhanced Safety

Parents Demand Enhanced Safety

The most important factor in choosing a child care provider for many parents is a safe environment. One survey of parents, from the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, found that this was the number one issue for 36% of parents. Cutting edge child care centers are finding that the right technology can help put parents fears to rest by ensuring their child remains secure in their care.

One of the biggest fears on the mind of every parent is the threat of their child being abducted while the parent is away. It’s unlikely a stranger will be the culprit. A more likely scenario is the danger that a child might be taken by an adult that he or she knows. Child care centers need to be prepared for these kinds of situations by having a secure way for parents to drop off and pick up their child. Ideally, all entrances into your facility should be kept locked at all times, and access should be granted only to those who are authorized to enter. So how can you control who enters your facility?

See how we can add a greater level of security in your center.

A system that is becoming increasingly popular is one that allows secure entry to your facility through a simple QR scan. It’s much like the one airline travelers now use to board their flight. A big advantage of this type of system is that it can easily be modified to accommodate trusted friends or family members if someone’s drop-off or pick-up plans should suddenly change.

With a QR code scanner, parents can add another person who is authorized to pick up their child to the system on the fly. Then the system notifies the parents that the child has been picked up by the appropriate person. Parents appreciate knowing when their child has been signed in or out of the facility.

An app that shows the status of a child in real time can give parents this peace of mind, while also ensuring that all family members who are responsible for daily drop-offs and pick-ups are on the same page. No one can pick up a child without an appropriate and approved QR code, giving parents peace of mind.