Parents want better communication and more convenience

Parents want better communication and more convenience

Communication and coordination is critical. Technology can streamline communication while also engaging parents more fully in their child’s experience.
Send News Alerts Throughout the Day

Besides indicating a child’s status at your center, a mobile communication app enables you to send news alerts, messages, updates and other information through real-time notifications. It can also allow parents to monitor their child’s achievements throughout the day.

Handle Emergencies More Efficiently and Effectively

Imagine a scenario in which you have to close your center because of a snowstorm or other emergency, but some parents don’t receive the message because they already left the house before you called – or maybe they failed to check your center’s website. With the ability to send real-time notifications through a mobile app, you can ensure that parents never miss receiving vital information.

Provide Written Reports at the End of the Day

Many child care centers provide a written report of each child’s activities and progress at the end of the day. But when parents leave their children with you, this is often the first extended absence they have experienced from their child – and it is only natural that some parents might feel anxious or want to learn how things are going before pick-up time rolls around. A mobile app allows you to delight your parents throughout the day.

With a real-time communication app, you can engage with parents and satisfy their curiosity throughout the day by sending them updates, photos, and even short video clips showing key happenings and milestones. Parents appreciate getting these glimpses into their child’s day. Providing a more personal touch to their experience with your center.

Communicate Regularly Without Disrupting Staff

To make sure these real-time updates do not get in the way of actual child care, it is essential that your teachers and other child care providers have an easy way to capture special moments.

Teachers already record their observations about children’s behavior and development; if they can send parents quick updates from the same system they use to log this information, then these updates will not disrupt their daily workflow.

See how one cohesive platform can simplify your workflow!

For Parents, It’s All About Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Real-time updates are terrific, but parents also want to be able to view a summary of their child’s progress at a glance. They want an easy way to register their child, schedule child care service, and provide medical information, permission forms, or other information as needed, without having to visit your center in person to drop off this information. And they want convenient options when it comes time to pay for child care.

Technology can simplify payments:
  1. It frees busy parents from having to think about making payments. It’s all about their convenience.
  2. It prevents you from having to chase down payments from late-paying clients.
  3. It simplifies your record-keeping.

As parents have more choices about where to send their children for child care, the quality of their experience plays a big role in the choices they make.

This includes not only the quality of the care their child receives, but also important factors such as safety, convenience, communication and engagement. These are all areas where technology can help set your services apart from your competition.

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