Manage Teachers Easier

Manage Teachers Easier

We know managing teachers at your childcare center can be a struggle. We also know that you care deeply about making sure the children at your school get great care and education, and that you want your teachers to be satisfied with their work so that they stay and grow with your center. We’re here to help, and here’s how:

Basic Info

This may not be the flashiest feature of our application, but it’s an important one.  We digitize all your teacher records, giving you one single place to access information like name, contact info, and more.

Time Sheet

Teachers will clock-in and clock-out using Smartcare’s app, and use can use this information to power your payroll, eliminating the need for teachers to manage attendance in disparate systems.  You can see clock-in and clock-out information from anywhere, and you can make add time or make edits as needed.  You get the ability to manage vacation and sick time, creating limits and resets, as well as seeing how much time has been used.  If you want supervisors to review and sign-off on timecards, we can do that too with our employee timecard report.


When it comes time to run payroll, our Payroll List report gives you options to customize date range, when a pay period starts and ends, how overtime is calculated based on your state or your own policies, and many other grouping, sorting and filter options.


Our scheduling features gives you the ability to create Schedule Templates which is just a fancy way of saying you can have one or more schedules and assign those to teachers rather than create individual schedules for each teacher.  But you can always create individual schedules or make edits as needed based on changes for that teacher.  Your teacher schedules will link with your student schedules, so you can see classroom ratios in the future and adjust as needed.

Certifications and Training

We know that no two centers are the same, so we’ve given you all the flexibility you need to track certifications and training.  Using custom fields or tags, you can create dates for certifications that have a specific time period or add tags for certifications to know which staff have those certifications.  Using documents, you can upload electronic copies and keep those in your digital files so they’re accessible whenever you need them.  All custom fields are reportable, so you can run reports to see whose certifications will need to be renewed, and you can proactively plan accordingly.


We often hear that teacher turnover is a challenge.  What we have learned by working with nearly 2,000 childcare centers is that teachers leave for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they leave for pay, and that’s a budgeting decision that can be tough to make, although Smartcare has solutions to help increase enrollment and reduce transaction costs, increasing budgets for teacher compensation if you choose to do so.  But beyond pay, often teachers leave because of their schedules, frustrations with their day-to-day activities, and lack of professional development.  We think our only scheduling tool helps make scheduling easier and clear.  We think our teacher app helps teachers do their in-classroom documentation and parent communication (ask us more about our teacher app!).  And ultimately, we think saving time managing employees gives directors more time for staff development.

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