As a center director, you’re in the middle of it all.  If you had 72 hours in a day, you still wouldn’t have enough time.  We admire what you do, and we respect that your time is valuable.


Our goal is to take tasks that you must do to manage a center, to digitize those tasks and to automate as much as possible.  We aren’t perfect, but we’ve spent 5 years getting better, and we’re always excited to partner with new directors to get more feedback so that we can continuously improve.

You take care of people all-day, every-day, so when you partner with Smartcare, let us take care of you.  Once you start working with Smartcare you’ll have a customer success manager who will help guide you through the setup and training process, and make sure you’re ready to use Smartcare day-to-day.  After that, you’ll have unrestricted access to our support team if you have any issues.  We also provide online training you can do at your own pace and other resources, like Smartcare University, to increase your knowledge on topic that might help you be even better than you already are.

Visit our center management page to learn about features specifically built for you, and check out our teacher and parent pages for information about how their experiences will improve with the switch to Smartcare too.