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Smartcare childcare software


Lead management lets you manage leads – parents who are interested in touring on or more of your centers.  Create workflows to automate tasks like follow-up, and see where parents are learning about your center.

It saves so much time, in ways you wouldn’t even think of.

Kathy Cookson

Director, Morristown After School Program


Customize an online enrollments page with your own custom fields and documents allowing parents to complete the enrollment form online. Once the form is completed, you get the chance to review it for accuracy, and then seamlessly import the information as a new family, parent and child into Smartcare.

Child and Family Records

Manage all your child and family records in one place and have access to it on any computer or mobile device, anywhere.  Information includes pickup people, physicals, allergies and treatment plans, immunizations, attendance records, billing history, notes, documents, schedule as well as custom fields and tags to track children and families the way you run your center.


Manage teacher and child schedules.  Use that information to see where you have openings, to ensure you’re compliant with ratios but not overstaffed, and to keep the team organized.  Importantly, save time by creating schedule templates that you can use and reuse for teachers and children with the same schedule.



Smartcare uses a QR code, available to parents in the parent app or on a printed key tag for parents who don’t have or prefer not to use a smartphone, for check-in and check-out.  We find this process is much faster and more secure than fingerprints and presents the modern experience your parents expect.  If key tags don’t work, you can use a PIN too.  Attendance information is then available to directors, teacher and parents, and it’s stored for as long as you’re a customer.  If you need to move groups of children – like from on activity to another or from a bus-run – you can do that with one click.  On top of tracking attendance, we automatically calculate your student-to-teacher ratios, providing both historical and, maybe more importantly, real-time ratios and get alerts when you’re out of ratio.  Attendance can also be linked with door lock integration to maximize child security, so that only authorized drop-off or pick-up people who have used their QR code or PIN at the kiosk can unlock a door.


With Smartcare, we don’t have to be bill collectors!

Katie Driver

Director, Georgia's Next Generation

Billing and Payments

Smartcare automates the headaches of billing and getting paid.  You can configure on or more billing schedules which define when parents get statement.  Then configure tuition plan which automatically add charges to parents’ accounts at a frequency your determine, for an amount you determine, or based on attendance.  You can configure discounts for things like specific employers, sibling or your own employees.  Parents can easily pay for multiple children in one place, and you can split charges and discounts between different payers like parents who pay separately.  If you provide care to children received subsidized care, you can also add charges to an account for the subsidy payer while managing the parent’s copay separately.  Then, set it and forget it.  The system will automatically add charges, send statements and debit auto-payments.  You’ll see your money get deposited and get the detailed behind it.  If you’re not using electronic or auto-payments, you’ll most likely see your cash flow accelerated when you make the switch.  And if you want to offer credit card payments but don’t want to incur the fees, you can ask parents to pay the fees instead (except in Kansas and Maine). Parents get access to statements and to manage their payment method, just like they expect.



In addition to scheduling, you can manage most information about employees including physicals, notes, documents, and perhaps most importantly, time sheets.  You’ll be able to track clock-in and clock-out, pay rate and time off, and use this information to power your payroll.



Create an unlimited number of email or SMS text templates, or create messages on the go, and send them to parents with a large variety of premade filters available to you.  Use these for engagement, emergency announcements like weather closures, or to ask parents to refer their friends and family to fill open slots at your center.



Customizable reports are available to meet your daily needs, streamline providing compliance information, and find opportunities to improve your business.  Get important information like accounts receivables, balances, audit log of staff activity, class ratios, billing, payments, deposits, full-time equivalent children (FTEs), create mailing labels, incident reports, payroll, and accounting data.  In addition, get information that helps you make future decisions like a billing forecast (how much will bill next period?), enrollment forecast (where will you have openings at a date in the future?)



Document management allows you to store, search and share documents across your entire organization.

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