Child Care Customer Relationship Management

Are you looking for a way to simplify child care management while cultivating lasting relationships with families more effectively? Do you need a way to engage parents and turn leads into enrollments?

Smartcare’s child care CRM software was created just for you and your facility!

Our care management software helps preschool child care, early childhood education, daycare, and other care organization’s customer relationship management needs. We believe that centers have the best chance of growth and success when they’re using software that works for the center as well as the family.

CRM, marketing and sales, and reporting responsibilities should be made simple. Smartcare empowers administrators to spend more time focusing on what’s going on in the classroom, and less time fussing with clunky software.

Through web-based customer relationship technology, we allow you the ability to focus on effective communication with parents, turn inquiries into enrollment, gain insight from daily reports, and deliver on the quality child care you offer.