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Smartcare has two options to manage your classroom activity.  


Available on any mobile device, track activities such as diapers, bathroom visits, meals, bottles, naps, incidents and much more. 

Teachers can also manage attendance if parents aren’t able to use the kiosk, or to help manage big group changes like bus-runs. 

Lastly, at the center directors option, teachers and parents can communicate if enabled.

Regardless of which option you choose, if you use center management, all of your data is synchronized between center and classroom management, eliminating duplicate data entry and ensuring accurate records. 

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  • Send billing and post payments
  • Record attendance history
  • Retain medical information
  • Note incidents, successes, and birthdays
  • Make payments at your center
  • Create real-time communication with parents
  • Use leads to nurture prospective families
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Preschool2Me, Powered by Smartcare

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Preschool2Me, Powered by Smartcare

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