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We refer to corporate chains as organizations that one two or more – and often a lot more than two – childcare centers and need the ability to manage those locations from a central office.

Smartcare was built with that in mind.  Some companies started with a simple solution for home-based care providers and tried to add layers for multi-location organizations.  We did the opposite: we started with a multi-location organization in mind, and built down, with the goal of providing corporate administrators the ability to get actionable business intelligence at the click of a button and configurable security requirements to manage their brand, while building tools for directors and teachers to do their day-to-day jobs.

We have lots of experience managing the unique challenges of a multi-location implementation program.  We’ll tailor an approach for your organization, with a heavy focus on change management, training and business process automation along the way.

Once your organization is using Smartcare, we typically engage an account manager, so you have a strategic, single point of contact to help your organization scale over time.

See our multi-location management product page for information about managing multiple locations, in addition to the feature our products offer for directors, parents and teachers.

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It’s been a real time saver, and a benefit to the families!

Katie Driver

Director, Georgia's Next Generation

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