Staff to Child Ratios

With the Smartcare system, childcare providers are able to increase their hands-on experience with the children. Childcare Directors can now track and manage staff-to-child ratios to make sure each child is receiving the care he/she needs most. With an intimate staff-to-student ratio, providers can focus more on each individual child to maximize his/her experience at the center so all children can get the most out of their experience.

“Gone are the days of running room to room to check ratios or to see who is even in attendance.”

Marrie Gonzalez

Creative Minds Learning & Development Centers

Real-Time Reports

Location, Attendance, Billing And Birthdays

If anyone should be monitoring the numbers pertaining to your childcare center(s), it’s you! Smartcare cuts out the work of aggregating, measuring, and analyzing data for enrollment, payments and accounts receivable, staff salaries, third-party payments, and company spending. With Enterprise Reporting the reporting abilities for directors are not limited to the above! You can add and remove reporting widgets on your dashboard that speak directly to the information you care about the most.

“I love smart care it makes everything easier to handle”

Equasha Jefferson

Tender Tots

Monitor Income Ratios

With the Smartcare App for Childcare Directors, you’ll be able to view enrollment data reports, monitor your projected debt-to-income ratio, automate billing and view complete accounting ledgers, add/alter/discount/split child tuition plans, complete staff schedules and view individual timesheets, integrate your CRM and other marketing efforts, and more. This allows you to manage your business without manually entering in and tracking the information.

“The fact that we can handle financials, maintain student records, and manage daycare ratios will make our lives in the office so much easier!”

Jen Colwell

Wilmington Christian Academy

Manage Accounts Receivable

You need an ally to help manage everything that running a successful childcare center entails. Let Smartcare make your life easier! With the Smartcare app for directors, you’ll be able to update child location, attendance, billing, birthdays and history in real-time; manage accounts receivable and employee salaries; and customize the app for multiple building locations. Smartcare helps you make sense of your dollars and cents, without taking time away from childcare.

“Smartcare has addressed all of our tuition intake via ACH/credit/debit and this has had such a positive response from our parents!”

Barbara Ogilvie

Step by Step Children’s Enrichment Center

Pure Cloud Based So You Can Access From Anywhere at Anytime

Available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and the Web, Smartcare works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your daily tasks in sync.

Easy Development

Step 01 – Enroll

Sign up with Smartcare and enjoy a seamless integration with your center’s program system as well as complete training by Smartcare professionals.

Step 02 – Implement

Begin using Smartcare and share the benefits with the parents and team members, including all of the features that were designed for their joint peace of mind.

Step 03 – Relax

You are now able to easily track and manage each child, all while focusing more on the child instead of the business end of the center.

Sign Up

You’re one step away from pure child care bliss. Sign your child(ren) up for care at one of our centers and rest easy knowing you made a great decision.

Schedule a Demo

Never miss another parent question again. Schedule a demo to let us show you all the ways that Smartcare can give your parents (and, of course, you) total peace of mind.

Free Downloads

How to Increase Enrollment

Parents will love being able to know, in real time, what their child is doing at the center. This allows you to rest easy knowing the parent and child are both happy.



Cutting Through the Clutter

Learn how smart management software saves childcare center director’s time, energy and money, all while providing the best care to children.


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