We refer to franchises as the franchise organization that helps franchisees run successful franchise locations and open new franchises. 

We know your needs are unique, even from corporate chains.  We designed Smartcare’s multi-location management functionality to give you actionable business intelligence across all locations, controls to ensure your brand is represented accurately, and unique add-ons like royalty reporting.

Some companies started with a simple solution for home-based care providers and tried to add layers for multi-location organizations.  We did the opposite: we started with a multi-location organization in mind, and built down, with the goal of providing corporate administrators the ability to get actionable business intelligence at the click of a button and configurable security requirements to manage their brand, while building tools for directors and teachers to do their day-to-day jobs.

We have lots of experience managing the unique challenges of a franchise implementation program.  We’ll tailor an approach for your organization, with a heavy focus on change management, training and franchisee engagement along the way.

Once your organization is using Smartcare, we typically engage an account manager, so you have a strategic, single point of contact to help your organization scale over time.

See our multi-location management product page for information about managing multiple locations, in addition to the feature our products offer for directors, parents and teachers.