Multi-Location Management

Smartcare is built to manage multiple locations from anywhere, anytime.

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Multi-Location Management

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics are available through dashboards which are collections of widgets – a key piece of data presented in a tile.  For all widgets, you can drill down to see the sort data, export it to Excel, and/or see the same metric for all centers or any group of centers in your organization, and you can configure those groups however you want. 

Settings and People

You get the ability to manage permissions across your organization.  For just about all types of permissions, you can choose to require all locations to use specific settings, to allow those settings to be used and/or added to, or to allow individual centers to define their own settings.  The same thing is true for people – users of the application – set them up and grant permissions from a central administration center or allow individual locations to manage users, or both.

The reason we ended up choosing Smartcare was that we want to open more programs. We want to increase capacity in the state, but we also want to make sure that the new spaces that we open are sustainable and technology is a piece of that. We want to free up those leaders to spend time working with the programs, the teachers and the families and not spending their time doing scheduling, payroll and invoices.

LouAnn Beninati

Director of Program Viability Strategies, Let's Grow Kids

Lead Management

Lead management lets you manage leads – parents who are interested in touring on or more of your centers – from a central location, or to allow individual locations to manage leads.  Workflows allow you to automate tasks


Document management allows you to store, search and share documents across your entire organization.

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