Preschool Management Software

We know that preschool management isn’t easy.

There seems to be a list of never-ending tasks and not enough hours in the day. Smartcare is here to provide you and your childcare center with the best preschool management software on the market. Our preschool management software is designed to help you save time and simplify your preschool administration so you can focus on what’s important, providing the best childcare possible to the children and families who rely on you. Using Smartcare means that you have access to the most streamlined and up-to-date information possible to keep track of your administrative tasks, allowing you to stay organized and save time.

With our easy-to-use platform you can:

  • List attendance records
  • Manage teacher and child schedules
  • Manage employee timesheets
  • Process payment & payment processing
  • Store, search, and share documents
  • Customize reports
  • Quickly send and receive messages·
  • Easily manage lead
  • Manage enrollment
  • Keep track of child and family documents

Managing a preschool or childcare center requires a lot of organization.

There can be endless headaches when it comes to keeping track of your day-to-day operations. Our preschool management software provides you with customized daily reports so you can tackle your administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. With daily customized reports, you can see all your accounts, balances, class ratios, incident reports, and accounting information for accurate bookkeeping. It’s all stored on one app, which can be used on multiple devices. This information is safely stored in one place and is easily shared amongst staff members who are allowed access. This means no more sifting through papers or worrying that something important may have been tossed out. Daily reports allow you to track every dollar that comes in and out of your center, making sure that each one spent is for the good of your business. Customized reports also mean you can keep track of your existing families as well as keep an eye on new leads and how to effectively pursue them, which keeps money coming into your center while saving you time.

Managing employees with Smartcare’s preschool management software has never been easier too. Smartcare’s preschool management solution keeps track of timesheets, pay rates, and specific scheduling requests such as time off for staff members.

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We know it’s hard to keep things running smoothly while managing multiple classrooms. It can be even harder to reach out to busy parents and family members when the need arises. Smartcare preschool management software allows you to keep parents connected to your center with access to the online parent portal.

Securely track parent information, family information, and process payments on the go through the use of a simple app right on your phone.

Pick up and drop off are now a breeze. By using an integrated QR code, parents simply scan their children in or out, which means no more sign out sheets and one less paper you have to file.

Parents are also able to upload important documents such as child medical records, and special instructions with information about their child, meaning you have all the information you need available to you at all times. Spend less time stuck in an office and more time face to face with children and staff.

However big or small your center is, our preschool management software can work for you. Allow Smartcare to provide you with a modernized approach to running your business. If your goal is to save time and money while gaining peace of mind, then Smartcare preschool management software has the solutions you need to reach that goal. Let our simplified system take you and your childcare center to the next level so you can maximize your potential and become the best preschool possible.

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  • Send billing and post payments
  • Record attendance history
  • Retain medical information
  • Note incidents, successes, and birthdays
  • Make payments at your center
  • Create real-time communication with parents
  • Use leads to nurture prospective families
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