Smartcare typically serves Centers with 20 or more Children


  • Small Monthly Transaction Fee –
    Per Child.


  • Monthly Fee – Per Center. *Paid by Center

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    Processing fees: credit card – 2.85%, ACH - $0.40

 Please contact your Center Director for instructions on creating a Parent Log In.  

Here's what's included:

Accessible on mobile, PC, Mac and the web

Data entry done for you

Unrivaled usability and functionality

Fixed credit card processing fee

Electronic record keeping

Real-time updates sent to parents via the Mobile App

/sign-out for children and employees

Real-time reports on every datapoint

Integration with ChildCareCRM

Email receipts

Mobile app sign-in/ sign-out (children)

Send photos, videos and field trip reminders

Billing and payment processing

Parent communication with real-time updates

Instant account set-up and approval

Real-time updates (parent < > Teacher)