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Streamline and save with Smartcare

  • Reduce staff time for billing and collecting tuition
  • Lower costs for paper, printing, postage, phone calls, reminders, or awkward collection conversation 
  • Electronic payment delivery right to your bank account for easy bank reconciliations
  • Use one software instead of two to streamline and save
Save $9,000
Annual savings example

Our consultant Lora saved her client over $750 per month by showing the cost savings we provided by reducing her client’s autopay transaction fees.

Save $600
Annual savings example

Nasser, our consultant, reviewed Smartcare pricing with his client and saved them over $600 per year by sharing how our all-in-one software can replace two software subscriptions.

One Cohesive Platform


  • All-in-one child care center management program
  • Cloud-based record keeping
  • Attendance management for children and staff
  • Sign in/out for children and staff
  • Sign in with QR code, PIN, or key tag
  • Extensive real-time reports
  • Real time class ratios
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Convenient smartphone parent app
  • Secure family information and data storage
  • Automated billing (weekly, monthly, custom)
  • Payments processing

We include the tools to help you Work Smarter

✓ Attendance for both students and staff
✓ Check-in via QR code, key tag, or PIN
✓ Check-in on tablet kiosk
✓ Automated weekly, monthly, or custom invoicing
✓ Online bill pay
✓ Automated payment collection and posting
✓ Flat rate processing with no monthly maintenance fees
✓ Parent paid credit card fees (Except KS, ME)
✓ Easy, efficient, secure record keeping
✓ Medical information storage
✓ Parent app for Android and Apple
✓ Online help center
✓ Customer support via phone or email
✓ Room ratios and capacity reporting
✓ Activity management
✓ Daily reports
✓ Photos and Videos
✓ Unlimited staff access
✓ Free training and online learning materials
✓ Real-time reports
✓ Secure cloud data storage
✓ Teacher portal
ChildCare CRM, and other integrations
✓ QuickBooks integration
✓ Payroll system of record
✓ Interior/exterior door security integration
✓ Lead Management to track prospective families
✓ Parent pay model option for no cost to your center
✓ Agency payments and recording

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