Helping preschools and child care centers work smarter


Smart provides a suite of products to address the unique needs of childcare center administration and we partner with other applications that childcare centers need to run their business, but aren’t specific to childcare like accounting and payroll. Our solution encompasses a few key items:

Multi-location management: for organizations with two or more locations, get real-time analytics for all locations and choose to manage permissions.

Center management: for center directors, run your day to day operations by managing tours, enrollments, attendance, student and teacher scheduling, student and family records, billing and payments, employee timecards and much more.

Classroom management: For teacher, manage lesson plans, curriculum and track student activities like bottles, meals, naps and diaper changes, seamlessly creating real-time or daily-sheet updates for parents.

Parent app: manage check in/out, get real-time or daily-sheet updates about your child’s care, and manage your bills.

After school attendance: for after school programs, manage student attendance easily without the other features of center management that you may not need.

Every day your daycare, child care, or preschool needs a way to manage family information.  Our program allows you to easily store, find, and track family information.  We provide day-to-day business intelligence at your fingertips.