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Shared Services

What are Shared Services?

Shared Services refers to the consolidation of administrative or support functions into a stand-alone entity to provide services as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Shared Services help businesses and agencies meet efficiency targets, facilitate cost reductions, and address needs for improved services.  They also help standardize processes and systems, improve service quality, and speed of delivery.

Early Childhood Education leaders agree that utilizing a shared services model is important to helping them achieve their organizations’ strategic goals.  The most common processes found in shared services are related to information technology, finance, and human resources.

ELCs and Workforce Boards

Smartcare works with early learning coalitions, workforce boards, and shared service entities to consolidate efforts and reduce spending on software and child care business improvements.   Our cohesive platform offers time saving and cost-effective child care center management.

The reason we ended up choosing Smartcare was that we want to open more programs. We want to increase capacity in the state, but we also want to make sure that the new spaces that we open are sustainable and technology is a piece of that. We want to free up those leaders to spend time working with the programs, the teachers and the families and not spending their time doing scheduling, payroll and invoices.

LouAnn Beninati

Director of Program Viability Strategies, Let's Grow Kids

How does Smartcare help?

Sometimes, an organization may lack the necessary skills to implement a transformational change to upgrade software and business processes.  Or, they may encounter resistance from staff to make changes. 

  • We visit you to better understand your strategic goals. 
  • We help you utilize our software across your constituents. 
  • We provide leadership, staffing, and training. 

The result will be a positive change for greater efficiency, improved reporting, happier families, and more attentive providers.

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