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Daycare Software Solutions

Easier Accounting

Accounting data and reports make accounts receivables a breeze

Your accounting general ledger is easily updated with a remittance posting.  You can effortlessly search billing accounts; view transaction history, discounts, credits, balances, as well as view Agency/Subsidy records with Smarter Billing and Accounting.  You can quickly view, download, and send tax statements. 

Payment Solutions

Tuition billing and automated payments ease your workload

You can set up automatic weekly, monthly, or customized billing, and schedule automated payments from checking or savings accounts.  Late payment fees can be applied to keep payers on track.  In most states, centers can offer credit cards and pass the fees on to payers.

Custom Reporting

Metrics for single centers or large multi-center organizations

Understanding your numbers will help you see trends and areas for improvement. For large, multi-center operations, our enterprise level data aggregation provides dashboards and custom reports with consolidated information for a great business overview.

Smarter Childcare Accounting Software Solutions

Attendance sign in/out

Attendance sign in/out for families and staff makes paperwork easier

Families and staff easily sign in and out of our day care management software via QR Code, key tag, or PIN.  Reduce paperwork, and make state tracking easier.  Set classroom ratios to monitor staffing and child care. 

Mobile App

Easily communicate with parents via our mobile app

Parents download our app and can easily make payments and get updates from your center. With Smartcare’s timeline you can simply and instantly send information to parents.

Manage Leads

Leads and prospective families can be efficiently managed

Smartcare allows you to move families from initial contact through enrollment.  Keep prospect family information in one place so you can communicate and nurture them to enroll with your center.

Smart Technology

Real-time technology

Cloud-based so you can access data anywhere at anytime

Smartcare works seemlessly across Apple and Android devices to keep your tasks and data in sync.  You no longer need to be tethered to your desk.  You can move around your center with a tablet or laptop and immediately access or input data.

Data Security

The security of child and family information is a top priority

Our apps and online portal are securely maintained so parents can safely login and view details of their child’s progress. Our processing is Payment Card Information Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant.


Plays well with other accounting and payroll software

Smartcare has an application programming interface that allows you to integrate with your favorite applications, such as Quickbooks.  This extends app functionality with little or no extra coding and creates quick and easy interoperability. 

Child care center and preschool management software helps you efficiently operate your business.

Every day your daycare, child care, or preschool needs a way to manage family information.  Our program allows you to easily store, find, and track family information.  We provide day-to-day business intelligence at your fingertips.


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