Teachers’ App

Your day is a challenge from the start.  Technology should help make it easier.

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As a teacher, you’re on the frontlines of educating the next generation.  We get that your job is tough, often thankless (and dare we say even a little stick at times!). 

We couldn’t do what you do, but we can appreciate the impact that you make on the lives of children every day, the countless sacrifices you have to make along the way, and as a thank you, we try to build an application that makes your day-to-day life easier.

If your center chooses to use Smartcare, we’ll be here to help you with training and support, as well as to listen to your feedback about how we can improve the application.

Trying to Download the App?

If you’re a parent at a center that has recently started using Smartcare, go to our Parents page to download the app and get started.

Need support?

Find answers and contact our support team on our helpdesk, here.