There’s no better time than the present to start thinking about your October newsletter for preschool. With Halloween around the corner, a smart daycare email plan is to begin planning promotional messages that will help your brand make the most of the spooky Fall season.

October is an exciting month. The leaves change colors, the air becomes crisp and you can enjoy a warm fire in the evenings knowing the holiday season is just around the corner. Keep reading to gain inspiration for your October newsletter for preschool.

Let’s get real — Halloween often overshadows all other important October holidays. Including Halloween is a great idea, but you can also add a section to your preschool fall newsletter highlighting other October holidays or occasions that fit your daycare’s culture or community.

When it comes to newsletters, you can handle the holiday season one month at a time. So, take a deep breath, relax and check out holidays and awareness events to include in your preschool fall newsletter.

October Newsletter Made Easy – Use Free Templates

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Don’t have the time to create the perfect October newsletter for preschool? That’s why you shouldn’t start from scratch. To save you time, we built an October newsletter preschool template. This template is editable and printable. All you need to do is remove the sample text after downloading and enter your own copy.

By using this free October newsletter daycare template, you won’t have to spend time on design. You’ll also get ideas for what to write with our sample text. Download the
free template now!

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October Month Long Holidays

Although some of the monthly awareness holidays may not resonate with a daycare, it’s sometimes nice to show support, primarily if your daycare supports something. You can create an October preschool newsletter template using these holidays as themes.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual worldwide campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October. It’s a month to increase awareness of the disease and raise money for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

An October newsletter preschool idea would be to link to a fundraiser that you believe in or share an inspiring story, maybe about the family member of a child who battled breast cancer!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October was first designated as Down Syndrome Awareness in the 1980s and has been recognized each October. It is a time to celebrate people with Down syndrome everywhere, including at work and school, in the arts and media, on television, in movies and sports and as heroes.

In your preschool Fall newsletter, you could support and recognize this awareness. There are many fun events and ways you and your parents can get involved. Perhaps link to ideas to support this awareness in your newsletter.

Eat Better, Eat Together Month

The Eat Better, Eat Together campaign is an effort to encourage families to eat together more often and improve their eating habits. October serves as Eat Better, Eat Together Month. The more we share meals together, the better our health will be.

For an October newsletter preschool idea, you could encourage families to take time out of their busy schedules to not only eat better but eat meals together. Life is too short; children grow up fast and eating together will be great for early development.

October Day Holidays

The holidays that we mention in this section range from popular world-wide holidays to fun social media holidays that you can incorporate into your preschool Fall newsletter.

National Black Dog Day

Black dogs have a tough time finding homes. They are less likely to be adopted than any other color. National Black Dog Day is celebrated each year on October 1st. This event encourages people to adopt black dogs and it’s a great time to consider opening up your home — and your heart — to a dog in need of a home.

An October newsletter preschool idea is to ask families to share their cute dogs they adopted to share in your October preschool newsletter template.

International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations on October 11th, 2012. It is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. The observation supports more opportunities for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. This inequality includes access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, protection from discrimination, violence against women and forced child marriage.

An October newsletter preschool idea is to highlight all your female students!

National Dessert Day

This is the sweetest holiday of them all… literally. Dessert is the sweet course of a meal, usually eaten after the main course. On National Dessert Day, October 14th, people around the U.S. celebrate by indulging in their favorite desserts.

National Black Cat Day

It’s National Black Cat Day on October 27th! National Black Cat Day is a chance for feline fans to show off their love for the often mischievous, always iconic and ever-loving animal. In the lead-up to Halloween, black cats need a little positive PR as their reputation as an omen of bad luck is widely known (and unearned).

Black cats get a bad rap, so show some love for these beautiful animals in your preschool Fall newsletter.

World Smile Day

World Smile Day falls on October 1st. The smiley face is a charming symbol and concept with a long history. Whether you want to focus on the creation of this day by the smiley face creator, commercial artist Harvey Ball, or just to tell your kids that we all could stand to smile a bit more and hand out smiley face stickers, this is a great time to think about happiness and share it with others as an October newsletter preschool idea.

National Get Funky Day

National Get Funky Day falls on October 5th every year. This day is about breaking free of comfort zones by getting down, getting funky and letting loose. Whether it’s bluegrass, folk or rock ’n’ roll that gets you going, there’s no need to hold back. Free-form your way through the day by taking a chance on something new—and get out of your head!

Encourage parents to try something new with you. Let them know you’ll be posting how it went on social media and invite them to post what they’re going to try and how it went as well. And, if there’s something new at your business, highlight it in your newsletter.


Halloween is a day of celebration in the United States, Canada and many other countries of the world. It is on this day that people let their guard down and often dress up in playful or scary costumes. This annual observance was first mentioned in the 13th century, although it was not until the 18th century that jack-o’-lanterns, costumes and other traditions were associated with it. The origins of Halloween are still debated, but one thing is certain: its popularity has grown steadily over the centuries and so has its association with food, for example pumpkins.

For fun Halloween themed newsletter templates, you should check out places like Pinterest and Constant Contact.

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