COVID-19 Childcare Business Survival Guide – How to Navigate Rent Hardship

COVID-19 Childcare Business Survival Guide – How to Navigate Rent Hardship

During this unprecedented time, many childcare facilities are unsure about the future. This series of blogs covers ways to help our audience navigate this confusing time. Below you’ll find tips for any childcare facility who might be having a hard time paying rent during this time.

When you experience a hardship that affects your ability to pay rent on time, proactively contacting your landlord to find a solution is usually your best choice.  If you are a conscientious and honest tenant who is temporarily short on funds, most landlords won’t evict you for paying rent a little late as it is expensive to pursue an eviction, and in the current economic environment, landlords may worry about their ability to find another lessor.  Therefore, both you and your landlord have an incentive to find a feasible way to keep you in your current space.  To avoid problems, follow this advice:


Try to negotiate reduced or delayed payment

Be upfront with your landlord about your situation. It is difficult and expensive for a landlord to evict you and if they consider you a good tenant, they won’t want to lose you. Some basic steps to take when asking for reduced or delayed payment:

  • Update your budget so that you know when, or under what circumstances, you’ll be able to restart paying rent.
  • Send a letter or email as soon as possible asking for the time you believe you will need.
  • Explain your situation and difficulties. Let them know it is a temporary issue.
  • Provide proof of hardship if possible.
  • If you have the means, offer to pay a portion of the rent on time. Often, landlords have expenses that have to be paid like property taxes or mortgages, so try to help the landlord cover those expenses, while reducing your total expenditure at the same time.
  • Give the landlord a date you can pay the full rent, if you have one, and make sure you keep your promise to pay.
  • If your landlord has a late fee policy, be prepared to pay. You can ask to forgo the late fee if you feel they will be responsive.


Do not send a check you know will bounce

No one likes getting a bounced check. Upsetting your landlord is not the only consequence of a bad check. A bank may charge the landlord a fee for a returned check which they will in turn charge you, most likely adding a few dollars for their troubles. You may also be charged a fee for a returned check. Sending a bad check is like not paying rent at all.


The problem won’t go away, so don’t ignore it

Like so many other things, honesty is the best policy. If you think your landlord won’t notice you didn’t pay, you would be wrong. Your landlord depends on your rent to cover their own expenses. A landlord will be more forgiving and willing to negotiate if you are upfront and honest with them.


Keep in mind that your landlord is under no obligation to work with you on delinquent rent, unless state guidelines in your area have changed during this time. In states that have temporarily halted evictions, there are stipulations that rent still must be paid in full at the end of a certain period, so make sure you read up and know what to expect. If you don’t pay rent on time and in full, your landlord has the right to start legal action to evict you and collect the money.



COVID-19 Childcare Business Survival Guide – Online Educational Resources for Childcare Providers and Parents

COVID-19 Childcare Business Survival Guide – Online Educational Resources for Childcare Providers and Parents

During this unprecedented time, many childcare facilities are unsure about the future.  Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of blogs to help navigate through this confusing time. Our first blog is a list of resources that childcare providers or parents can use to add new activities in the classroom or for virtual learning.

Now more than ever we want to keep our children actively engaged in positive activities.  Let’s help them experience the beauty, the fun and learn new things about our world.  Whether at school or stay-at-home – let’s explore!


Tours & Museums

Games & Activities




Learning – All Topics

  • Scholastic – Learn at Home
  • Audible – currently free
  • – Math and Reading games
  • ClickSchooling brings you daily recommendations by email for entertaining websites that help your kids learn.
  • National Geographic – Geography and animals
  • – Math and reading games
  • – Math and language games
  • – Voice based learning, learn through Alexa
  • – 300,000+ FREE printable worksheets from toddlers to teens
  • – Educational games K-12 
  • – Science, Math, Social Studies 
  • – 35,000 pages of online content on the cultures and countries of the world.
  • Coursera – Tons of free classes from leading universities and companies
  • Curriki– Digital learning content for preschool through high school
  • – Online homeschool platform & curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade.
  • – Entertaining & educational videos for all levels and subjects
  • Khan Academy – Online education program for toddler through high chool.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers – Free Printables for PreK-2nd Grade 
  • – Free printables library with activities for children 0-6
  • Fluency and Fitness – Educational brain breaks to help students review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise. Ages 4-8.
  • – Resources for AP students including live reviews, live trivia, and study guides!
  • – 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas
  • Carmen Sandiego – Carmen Sandiego videos, stories, and lessons for all subject areas
  • – Resources for AP students
  • -Daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own
  • – Every course you could possibly want to homeschool for high school
  • PBS – PreK-12 digital media service with more than 30,000 learning materials 
  • – Curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students.
  • – K-5 curriculum that builds deep understanding and a love of learning math for all students
  • A Better Way to Homeschool – A quick start resource to help families pull together a plan for surviving the next 1-2 months at home with their kids, but it can also be a time of slowing down and enjoying kids as they learn. Preschool through 8th grade
  • US Mint – Your child can play games, learn fun facts, and find out how to turn coin collecting into a hobby.
  • Kids Think Design explores careers in fashion design, graphic design, interior design, book design, product design, film and theatre, architecture, animation, and environmental design.
  • Free Code Camp – 450 Ivy League courses that you can take
  • Project Explorer – Free videos from around the world from grade 3-12
  • Quizlet – For students to practice and master whatever they are learning.
  • Red T Kids – Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students
  • – Short videos and readings that answer various burning questions for students. There are vocabulary challenges and comprehension questions.
  • EdX – 2,500+ online courses from top institutions
  • Youngzine – News and more for kids
  • Google Earth – All sorts of learning here if you dig in
  • Super Simple – Resource section includes free flashcards, coloring pages, worksheets, and other resources for children, teachers, and parents.
  • – Life skills curriculum for students in grades K-12. Their resources include strategies for teaching social and emotional skills.
  • Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities
  • – Find and fix learning gaps
  • Ducksters – Education for kids all topics
  • Magic Tree House – Interactive games based on the book series
  • Cool Kid Facts gives your child access to educational videos, pictures, quizzes, downloadable worksheets, and infographics. They can use these to learn about geography, history, science, animals, and even the human body.
  • US Gov – This interactive website, hosted by the U.S. Government Publishing Office, allows your child to see the ins and outs of the U.S. government by taking a series of learning adventures with none other than Benjamin Franklin.
  • Brainscape offers over a million flashcard decks for every subject, entrance exam, and certification imaginable.

Spelling, Writing & Reading

  • Magic Spell is a carefully crafted spelling adventure.
  • -Online curriculum that builds better writers.
  • Novel Effect makes storytime a little more fun for kids (and grown-ups too!) As you read out loud from print books (or ebooks!) music, sound effects, and character voices play at just the right moment, adjusting and responding to your voice.
  • – Teaches students how to write a paragraph through interactive online tutorial
  • ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12.
  • – Course sets (Levels 1–5) that combine and thoroughly cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography—all in one easy-to-use, beautiful course.
  • The Shurley English program for grades K-8 provides a clear, logical, and concrete approach to language arts.
  • Spellingcity is free right now with code VSCFree90
  • Spelling Training  1-4 grade 
  • – Phonics and learning to read
  • – Phonics worksheets for kids
  • – Free stories online ages 3-12
  • The Story Starter – Randomly generates 356,300,262,144 story starters
  • Grammaropolis – Work on the 8 parts of speech


    • – Online history classes for all ages preteen through adults
    • – Digital archive of history
    • NGAkids interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history.
    • – An interactive way to learn history
    • – Allows students to type in any city, state, or country to view an archive of historical photographs and other documents. It’s a unique way to help them learn about history.
    • – Games, quizzes and fact sheets take kids on a journey through time.


    • Little Twisters Yoga – Free at-home kids yoga lesson plans 
    • – Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.
    •  choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids, OR create your own custom kid workout.

Test Prep


    • Music Lab – Music is for everyone
    • –Poetry and music 
    • – intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers, and calculators.
    • Prodigies is a colorful music curriculum for kids 1-12 that will teach your kids how to play their first instrument, how to sing in tune & how to understand the language of music! 21 for free
    • QuaverMusic is offering free access to general music activities to all impacted schools, including free student access at-home
    • Smart Music – Music practice transformed
    • Sight Reading Factory – Sight reading and sight singing practice exercises.
    • Virtual Musical Instruments – Lets kids play instruments online. Instruments include the guitar, piano, pan flute, drums, and bongos.
    • Songs for Teaching – A large selection of fun songs to help teach preschool and kindergarten students
    • The Theta Music Trainer offers a series of online courses and games for ear training and music theory.

Coding & Computer Science

    • Instructables – 3D printing projects and Coding projects, involving math and other K-12 subjects
    • Nitrotype – Improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with up to 5 typers from around the world.
    • Typing Club – Keyboarding practice
    • Codecademy – Learn to code
    • Scratch draws students of all types into coding and lays a foundation for future learning.
    • – Coding with Star Wars 
    • Kodable – Coding for ages 4-10
Key Benefits To Using A Child Care Management Software Program

Key Benefits To Using A Child Care Management Software Program

Why Child Care Center Software Is Important For Your Business

Most children today spend half of their young life in and out of child care services due to this economy requiring a double household income. Almost one-quarter (23.4%) of these children are under the age of five and will spend eight to ten hours daily with other adults and kids outside of their family. This includes day care centers, nurseries, and preschools just so their parents can provide not only for their household, but be able to afford the best child care services available to them.

How can we better protect and educate our children for their parents? By providing them with the easiest and safest child care center software program to reassure their children’s success and protection. On a daily basis, the center’s staff are continuously gathering information from parent signatures to infant feeds. One major benefit to using a child care management system software program is slicing away all the time-consuming tasks along with the paper to pen wastes.

By consolidating all of the various binders, whiteboards, and cubbies, you are centralizing and automating the daycare centers daily charting into one location; one file specific for each individual child. This will not only make it easier to keep track of what each child’s daily routine is, but you will be able to provide a printout for the parents if they ask. You will also begin to notice a few other benefits to the child care administration software once you implement the new technology.

Using upgraded child care management software programs doesn’t come without its challenges but making things easier for your staff members will always make things easier for you. By improving their workflow will give them more time to focus on the children instead of continuously filling out forms and making copies for their files. Having a child care center software program will allow your staff to be more productive, happier, and reduce employee turnover.

Additionally, a good preschool software program will allow the parents to engage by using an app to communicate with staff and allows them to stay informed of their child’s day. With the growth in technology over the past two decades, there is an app for everything! What better way to provide comfort, security, success, and reprieve for not only our parents but our staff as well.

What Makes A Good Child Care Business Software?

What Makes A Good Child Care Business Software?

It is a little known fact that nearly one-third of families spend at least 20% of their household income on child care. And of course, why wouldn’t you spend the money to make sure your child is being properly cared for? As a child care provider, you are responsible for making sure a family’s child is safe, happy, and healthy for the duration of time that they are under your care. One of the greatest assets a child care provider has at their disposal is a child care business software. What should you look for in your child care management system software? Continue reading below to find out!

1. User Friendly

There is almost nothing more disheartening that downloading a new app only to open on your mobile device or tablet and be very confused. So one of the first things you want to look for in your child care center software is, is it user-friendly? Do all of the buttons make sense, is it easy to navigate? What does the organization system look like? Do you even like it? This last question here is super important. So yes, you got this software that is meant to make your business and your life a little easier to manage, although, now that you have been using it, you hate it. It is super tedious to use, annoying to log into, etc. This is an example of a bad child care business software. While yes you want something that will be a helpful tool, the best app still might not be the best for you.

2. Purpose

So another thing to keep in mind, what is the purpose of your child care management system software? Do you need it for roll call, do you need it to keep track of which parents’ contact belongs with which child, or are you a preschool teacher who needs software for, well, everything? Looking at the purpose of a child care administration software will help you narrow down your search and help you find the software that will work best for you! There are differences between child care business software and say a preschool management software. One is slightly more specific than the other. This means that the available features for the software or app are going to be a little more specific as well.

3. Growth

So now that you have found the perfect software, you are probably so excited to get started, but is it the best software for you? You have to think big when in business. You must be thinking in terms of longevity. Sure there are going to be plenty of child care business software out there that are great for you right now, but can your software grow with you? It seems like an irrelevant question as you could just go and find another software, but there is software out there that is meant to grow with you. If your numbers increase, no worries. You need more and more data, done. You want something that will be simple and stay simple, check! Make sure you are looking at the whole picture of your business before choosing which child care business software is for you!

Smartcare announces its acquisition of Preschool2me

Smartcare announces its acquisition of Preschool2me

The acquisition of Preschool2me by Smartcare creates a powerhouse of child care management software, providing a turnkey solution for every customer.  The integrated software system will allow child care facilities to continue using Preschool2me with its outstanding parent engagement tools.  It also gives a fresh opportunity to link with Smartcare for streamlined operations in a single, efficient, and powerful platform. 

Founded in 2014, Smartcare created a cohesive child care center management platform for attendance, billing, payments processing, and parent communication. Parents access information via an Android or Apple app.  Smartcare has over 2,000 centers in its portfolio with several large agencies offering shared services programs to providers.

The acquisition of Preschool2me meets the Smartcare vision of ultimately creating a suite of solutions that addresses the various needs of different users at child care centers.  Our existing platform helps center directors manage their center.  The addition of the Preschool2me program strengthens our classroom management offering.

Chief Executive Officer, Matt Knapp, notes: “Not only does Preschool2me deepen our product offering, it brings a healthy client base into our business.  It also meets our goal of expanding into additional markets that need attendance tracking and payment processing.”

The founder of Preschool2me, Kapil Rajurkar, is excited about joining Smartcare and sees it as a win for both companies.  “Preschool2me software has focused on connecting parents and childcare providers through digital daily reports, photos, and messages.  Now our partnership with Smartcare will bring us closer to a fully integrated solution for child care centers.”

Smartcare is a privately held technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Smartcare provides cloud-based software and training for effective childcare center management and financial sustainability.  We help schools work smarter, not harder. 

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