Child Care Billing


Child care center owners and management know — billing and accounting is hard, and we have solutions. It’s difficult to keep track of invoices and tuition when you’re focused on attendance and the day-to-day struggles of making sure all of your parents and children are taken care of. And if your billing and accounting is managed by employees who have little experience with bookkeeping, it can be a significant burden to the center. Why complicate your day or waste extra time and energy filing and organizing papers?


Smartcare can ease the load by making the billing and accounting process much easier and more straightforward for you and all your employees. Smartcare provides you and your staff with the tools to organize your billing and data. Our software helps you efficiently run your childcare center by keeping you organized and up to date. Stop wasting time when you can have the information you need to run your center and help your customers in the palm of your hand. Smartcare gives you more time to focus on your job as a childcare provider.