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The best experience for you is to download our parent app. You can also login online at https://my.smartcare.com

Parent Daycare Sign-In App

How do you change your email address?

Please ask your director at your childcare center to make this change for you.

How do you change or add a new payment method?

Payment information can be changed within the Parent Application by following the below steps:

  1. Tap “Billing”
  2. Tap the “+”
How do I remove my payment information entirely?

Payment information can be removed by either submitting a request to the childcare center, or adding a new payment method in the Parent Application first; then select the “previous” option, then select the “trashcan” icon or “delete now”.

How do you download past statements and/or receipts?

This information can be requested directly from the childcare center.

I need to change the account owner; how can this be done?

 Please ask your director at your childcare center to make this change for you.

How do I pay a different amount aside from what is displayed on the “balance” screen?

Login to the parent app > Select Billing > Pay Now > Click on the amount displayed on the top of the screen and this will give you the option to edit the amount.

Why did my auto-pay not run?

 There are several circumstances that can cause auto-pay not to run:

  1. Payments were attempted on your auto-pay payment method which failed, and when the payment fails, auto-pay no longer attempts to run.
  2. Auto-pay was disabled.
  3. Auto-pay was not enabled before the payment was due.

For any instances where auto-pay does not run, login to the parent app and
Select Billing > Pay Now > and complete the next window to make a payment.

Then, return to Billing and look to see if “Autopay: OFF” is displayed.  If so, click Settings, and then turn Autopay ON.

My child is no longer attending the center, what do I do?

 If your child no longer attends the childcare center and you are receiving any form of communication that is incorrect, please contact the center directly.

How do you remove your email from the email list?

 If communication is still being received from the childcare center even though the child is no longer enrolled, please contact the center directly to have this corrected.

Why am I paying a convenience fee? Why wasn’t I ever notified of a convenience fee?

If you are being asked to pay a convenience fee, it is because your center has elected to have parents pay the fees associated with credit card payments.  Credit card fees can represent a material expense to centers, so allowing parents to pay the fees ensures lower costs while giving parents the option to use a credit card.  You can also pay with a bank transfer (“ACH”) at no cost.  If you have any other questions about fees, please contact your center.

How can I request a refund?

 A request for a refund can be submitted directly to the childcare center; however, there are certain restrictions;
  . Payment can only be an ACH payment.
   . Refunds can only be processed for payments made 48 hours or more prior.
   . Refunds can only be processed once per payment transaction (after a full or partial refund has been completed, the same transaction can no longer be used in a refund scenario).

Why couldn’t my refund be processed?

 Please see the above section: “How can I request a refund?”

Why am I unable to see more than 1 child when signing my child in/out?

 When signing children in / out, the Smartcare Kiosk is designed to only show one “status” at a time. The first status will typically be any child currently “signed out” where it will then offer a “continue” option to then sign in the child.

Why does another child show up when clocking my children in?

 Parents as well as any approved adult have the ability to be assigned as an authorized “pick-up” person for other children and families. If you are assigned and authorized as a “pick-up” person for another family, their children will populate with your children when completing sign in/out activities.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

 The parent application has the ability to control the types of notifications you are able to receive. The internal setting can be modified from the Smartcare for Parents application by navigating to “settings” and selecting “notification preferences.”

Why can’t the notifications be separated by each child?

 The Smartcare for Parents application does not currently support this functionality.

How can I access an FSA compliant statement?

 FSA compliant statements can be obtained directly from your childcare center.

How do I use the QR code?

 QR codes can be used to sign in / sign out of the Smartcare system by simply navigating to the “sign-in/out” section, and a QR code will be presented. If a code is not presented, select the “3 dot” icon at the top right, and select “get a new code.”

What’s my PIN? I don’t remember setting a PIN up.

 In order to use the sign in/out features in the Smartcare Application, parents are required to register by creating a Kiosk PIN code. If a parent forgets the PIN, they can access the PIN by navigating to “Settings” and selecting “profile.” Once under the profile, it will provide an option to “show” PIN.

How do you download past statements?

Login to the Smartcare parent app > Billing > Scroll down past the Recent activity section to the “Statements” section, and here you’ll be able to see your past statements.  If you need a physical copy, please ask your childcare center to print one for you.